Shudhikaran Drug De Addiction Center


Hanuman Mandir Road Near Apollo Clinic,Betiyahata ,Gorakhpur

Branch : Near DIG Bungalow,Bilandpur ,Gorakhpur

हनुमान मंदिर रोड के निकट अपोलो क्लिनिक, बेतियाहाता, गोरखपुर

निकट डीआईजी बंगला , बिलंदपुर, गोरखपुर

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Who We Are ?

" Shuddhikaran Drug De-Addiction Center "An ISO 9001: 2015 Certified is the first de addiction center started in Gorakhpur for alcoholics and for all those who are victims of any addiction. It is a complete in house treatment where a patient will be motivated towards a complete rid from addiction and towards a better brighter life prospect. Addiction often changes a person’s behavior, which can change all aspect of his or her life, including work and relationships. We help addicts to recover from addictions, injuries and even physical and mental illness to re enter society, we motivate patients to do their best to regain their normal lives in a safe and healthy way.After discharge the patient will have a complete freedom from addiction and will groom himself in a responsible individual. The condition of a patient and the frequency of addiction will determine the period of his admission in the center for 3 months.The time period may extend in according to consult with the patient condition or his counselors advice.

ISO 9001: 2015 Certified

Our Mission

With its dedicated and experienced doctor, main goal of "Shuddhikaran Drug De-Addiction Center" is rehabilitation and reformation of the addicted people.

Our Vision

We at "Shuddhikaran Drug De-Addiction Center" dependably endeavour to be the most suggested Nasha Mukti Kendra in India by helping patients to get de-addicted.

Our Responsibility

We provides immense treatment to the addicted peoples. Our objective is to be Nation’s foremost Nasha Mukti Center by providing featured services to our patients.

The treatment in rehab will include the following:

Yoga & Meditation

Music Therapy

Detox & Psychological Treatment

Group & Individual Counseling

Personality Development

Family Education & Counseling